With over twenty years of working the railway industry MacNaughton have the experience to provide various levels of support.

This can Range from basic technical advice and guidance on the railway standards to providing extensive assistance with third party projects in the railway environment. We have experience of major new projects as well as small schemes. We can development refurbishment schemes of existing facilities and produce preliminary track layout design where required.

We produce designs from concept stage through to full design if required.

We have developed many Depot Designs which involved producing the track layout and depot configuration, developing the specification and providing technical assistance with specialist equipment.

We can provide project specific functions, such as.

  • Lead Designer
  • Contractors Engineering Manager
  • Designated Project Engineer (Approved by Network Rail to perform this function for Banbury East Side MSCP and associated Link Bridge)
  • We can develop designs and obtain Network Rail Approvals including submitting Landlords Consent Applications, Station and Depot Change Applications.